Friday, July 21, 2017

Hello and Goodbye

Hello everyone! 

With the addition of trees, bushes, rocks, fencing, bird baths, feeders and birdhouses...

the birds have been coming...

and I am leaving.

I thought I would let you all know that I have decided not to blog anymore. I really appreciate those of you who have followed me over the years, read my posts and left such kind comments. I really appreciate you all and I treasure the many friendships that were formed through it all. I will still be visiting from time to time.
Wishing you all the best and may God bless you and yours! 
Gina at Victorian Wanna Be


  1. Hello Gina...I fully understand... i have not posted on my blog for months and months. Life seems to get in the way... take care and keep collecting & enjoying the Victorian treasures we both love so much.

  2. I will miss your blog very much as I've always enjoyed visiting another lover of Victoriana.

  3. I too will miss you and your blog. I loved looking at your posts of everything Victorian. May you continue to have fun collecting your favorites and I wish you many blessings!

  4. Your yard looks amazing. It is really coming along. I love the Cosmos! You will surely be missed in blogland. I find more people are doing Face Book specialty pages by far because it goes so fast.

  5. Awww! I always enjoy your musings and photographs - - you are such an inspiration!
    I know I didn't always leave a message, but I certainly always enjoyed your posting...I do hope you change your mind...
    You friend in time,

  6. So very sad to hear. I have hoped to see a post from you now and then. You will be missed. Thank you for sharing all that you have in the past.

  7. All the best to you as you change gears and do something else.
    I have enjoyed visiting your special place from time to time through the years. God bless,

  8. I was hoping that this post meant you were gonna continue. Sorry to hear that you will not. Best wishes to you and many blessings,

  9. I was glad to see that you had stopped by and hope you continue to do so! I love these pictures and the birdhouses, especially that one with the little bird in it! What a pretty back yard! Hope your summer is going well!

  10. Your yard does look amazing...sorry to hear you won't be blogging anymore but I understand...I hope and wish nothing but the best for you...take care.